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5 Reasons you aren’t Gaining Muscle | Bradford gym


5 tickets to the Gain Train…. all aboard

Here’s the no frills honest reason you aint gaining muscle, NOTE : 1 or all of these may apply To you…… and how to fix them


  1. You aren’t consuming enough calories – if you aren’t taking inĀ  enough calories you certainly wont have any tickets to the “GAIN TRAIN “. Usually the minimum for most people looking at getting jackedĀ  is 16x bodyweight in pounds. If you arent gaining quality weight the calories need to be increased to a point where you do without gaining excess bodyfat.
  2. You aren’t getting enough sleep and recovery – solid 8 hrs per night is a great starting point for good recovery in most people with some people needing more and some getting away with 7 hrs. Sessions and recovery depend on intensity and volume so we want to stimulate the muscle as often as possible whilst allowing adequate recovery. This is trial and error for each person.
  3. You dont consume enough protein – at least 2g per kg of bodyweight is required to maintain lean tissue. Pushing this to 2.2g or 2.5g isnt a bad move for some hardgainers.
  4. Not following progressive overload – you should be challenging your body to adapt and in its simplest form that means getting stronger. A bicep that can strict curl a 30kg dumbbell for 10 reps will be bigger than when it did 8kg for 10 reps. Focus on lifting more in good form for 5-12 reps most of the time. Low reps should be included as should high reps for periods but 80% of the time 6-12 reps in good form.
  5. You dont create enough mechanical tension in the muscle – to gain size the muscle needs high tension and enough time under this tension. aim for 50-90 seconds per set of constant squeeze and tension on the muscle. lower and raise the weight slowly with constant tension. A good speed is 2-3 seconds lowering and 1-2 seconds raising the load.

So get enough quality food, good protein and enough of it, get stronger, lift slowly with tension and get plenty of rest


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