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Bradford gym | Bringing up weak Bodyparts

Bringing up weak bodyparts !!!

if you cant feel and squeeze a muscle you will forever struggle to shape and build it !


To build, tone, shape a muscle group specifically you must be able to “feel” the muscle working and contract it hard and squeeze it under tension to maximally recruit the most fibres.


Lets take the squat for example,

lets imagine someone squats, always feels it in their thighs and never glutes, always builds lean strong thighs but can never recruit and feel glutes working !!

What is the usual answer, squat heavier !!!


This will lead to even bigger stronger quads and still no difference in glute development !!


What can we do ?


we need to fire up the nervous system to recruit the glutes, practise isolation exercises for the glutes focusing on feeling and squeezing them and once our nervous system gets more adapt to firing and contracting the glutes maximally we have a chance of using them more in the squat for balanced development


dynamic explosive exercises, med ball throws, jumps can work wonder in what we call post activation potentiation to fire up the nervous system before main exercises


slow eccentric lowering of the target muscle 2-4 seconds on exercises is always the safest way for hypertrophy


Eliminating inertia and controlling movements is a glaring error for most in the gym. Swinging weights, bouncing them, and using just about every muscle other than the one you are targeting is so common.


Hope this helps

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