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Bradford Gym | Does Fasting Work ??

Fasting, Does it work ???



Ive experimented with intermittent fasting on and off for the last 5 years after reading lots about the benefits and then attending a seminar with John Berardi at loughborough university and obviously respecting his research and experiments in the field i decided to have a go !


My first dabble was kind of enforced when a completely ruptured my achilles tendon and had may leg in cast and then boot for 6 months and couldnt do too much. As i didnt want to pile on the pounds i used the 16:8 protocol of fasting for 16 hours between 8pm and lunch time the following day.


First couple of days were difficult to shake off the conditioning of eating breakfast and the hunger but after that i noticed the hunger dropped, i felt mentally sharper and was as bloated.


I then found that i got used to not eating breakfast and found more time in the morning to write blogs and do work.


I expected to put weight on and what surprised even with my inactivity at this time was that i didnt put weight on !!


I kept this up of fasting monday to friday for 6 months and since then i have done it from time to time, here are the key benefits i have found

* better gut health
* better mental clarity
* weight loss
* more productive on a morning
* mindful eating, understanding hunger

When it comes to weight loss fasting helps by simply reducing calories to create a deficit , no voodoo magic at all simply reducing calories !!


It might work suit your lifestyle but it certainly is a useful tool in the diet world and a great tool for some for weight loss


Let me know how you get on if you try it

ps dont forget to get your 3 day trial here…/enquiry.asp

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