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5 tips to get leaner, lose weight and stay fit

Bradford Gym | Protein – How Much & Why ?

Protein, How much and Why ?

We hear lots about taking more protein or high protein diets for weight loss, but what does it all mean ??

Ill keep this simple and not too technical so you know what to do for your goals

Firstly protein is needed for just about every process in the body from detoxification to repair. We have all heard how it is needed for muscle repair and growth but it is so much more than just that.

Proteins are made up of amino acids. Some amino acids are classed as essential as the body cannot make them and other can be made by the body. So much like water, essential fatty acids and vitamins and minerals these are crucial for human function.

When compared with carbohydrates and fats it has a higher thermic effect. Simply digesting and utilising proteins burns more calories than it does compared with fats and carbs. This is where most people have realised a higher protein diet may help weight loss !!!

We also know that protein is the most satiating of the 3 also, which basically means satisfies hunger and controls cravings. For example a higher protein breakfast has been proven to reduce total calories throughout the day and control snacking.

So for weight loss a high proportion of protein in your total daily calories makes perfect sense, the target would be 1.8-2g per kg of bodyweight per day.


This amount is more than enough for most people per day, but a couple of exceptions.

If you are following a heavy and high volume resistance training programme or training more then once per day your requirements may need to increase, but not by much !!!

If you fall into that category then maybe 2.2 – 2.5g per kg bodyweight as an upper limit.

There you go, basically protein is vital for every function in the body and vital for good health, weight management and building muscle if that’s the goal !!

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